Final Checklist

You’ll be on a plane before you know it.  Take a minute to look through this final checklist to make sure that all of your bases are covered –

  • Get your student visa
  • Register for 12 – 18 credits; this does not include any waitlisted courses
  • Pay your NYU e-Bill
  • Register for HTH and print out the confirmation card
  • Notify your bank and credit cards that you will be abroad
  • Have all medications you may need for the full term (or have a plan to get remainder)
  • Make photocopies of your passport/visa, ID, and cards (bank, credit card) and leave one copy with your parents and bring a set with you in your carry-on
  • Print and review the arrival information
  • Cancel NYU in NYC housing if you have not already
  • Write down all important phone numbers (your phone may not work)
  • Submit Travel release and Medical Form
  • Complete NYUTraveler
  • Review the Pre-departure Orientation Presentation
  • Set up a communication plan with the parents
  • Have some cash on hand to get you through the first few days (you can exchange at the airport if needed)
  • Bring your flight confirmation print-out to the airport
  • Check the luggage restrictions for your airline before you pack
  • Set up a budget
  • Bring a copy of prescriptions (medication, eyeglasses, etc.) and carry it with you in your carry on
  • Pack a carry on with all important paperwork, phone numbers, medications, and a change of clothes

Share your story

Hopefully you have all checked out the Student-to-Student guides and will refer back to them while you are abroad.  In order to keep them as up to date as possible though, we need your help! Let us know if something is out of date (the restaurant listed is closed or the neighborhood has changed) and what is actually going on in Accra! We really want to expand the current guides to have more personal anecdotes from actual students.  Possible post ideas might be:

  • Finally arriving and the first few days
  • Your housing and / or neighborhood
  • Cultural differences you instantly notice
  • Your courses, teachers, classrooms, schedule, getting to class
  • Program events and excursions
  • Volunteering or internships experiences
  • Your favorite places and things to do
  • Tips not found in guidebooks (like best place to people watch or cheapest lunch spots)

If you already plan on blogging about your experience send us the link and let us know if it is ok to repost relevant submission on the guides.  Not planning on blogging? Not a problem, just send us entries directly.  Or maybe writing is not your forte? Multimedia submissions (photos, videos, etc.) are totally welcome!

NYU Accra Orientation Schedule

From the moment you step off the plane at the airport, you’ll realize that you have arrived in a very different place. But you’ll never feel like a stranger in Ghana. After landing, you’ll be picked up at the airport and taken directly to the residence halls to unpack. The following morning, a week of carefully planned orientation events begins alongside the student orientations of our partner institutions, addressing the numerous details of daily independent living. You’ll attend informational sessions on student affairs, academics, residential life, security, and health. You’ll tour the city and the campuses where you’ll take classes and attend a variety of cultural activities that introduce you to the local and regional languages and culture. You’ll take intensive language classes each day so you’ll learn the key phrases in Twi that you’ll use in your daily life. By the time classes begin, you’ll know enough about Ghanaian food, culture, language, and customs to begin really immersing yourself in a new life experience.

For the full NYU Accra Fall 2012 Orientation Schedule

Airport Pick Up

Dear Fall 2012 Students,

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Accra. Please note that members of the NYU-Accra staff will be at the airport to meet you in the “Meeter’s/Greeter’s” Lounge at the Kotoka International Airport. Staff will be wearing NYU shirts and carrying NYU ACCRA signs. If there are students who plan to arrive earlier or need directions to the NYU-Accra residential facilities, please contact Chris Amissah, Assistant Facilities Manager at or cell 233-243-831412, or Abigail Osei, Acting Student Life Coordinator at or cell 233-243-150010.

Safe travels and see you shortly in Accra!

Last Minute Details

NYU-Accra is looking forward to welcoming you all to Accra in just a few days! We are very excited!

Please take note of the following announcements, which should cover the last minute questions most of you have been asking:

1. As stated in the Arrival Cheat Sheet Fall 2012, staff will be at the airport to meet you.

2. Remember to bring along a towel. You will not be provided with those. Bed linen is provided but you may bring along extra for your own convenience.

3. The voltage on appliances in Ghana is 220V. A converter will be very useful. You can purchase an adaptor if you need one.

4. Wireless internet service is provided in both dorms and academic centre. There are ethernet sockets for you to plug in as well.

5. Community Service/Internship placements will be done when you arrive.

6. Mailing address for NYU-Accra:

Use this address if you are using a courier service e.g. UPS, DHL, FEDEX etc

No. 12, 4th Norla Street
North Labone, Accra

When Using US Postal Service use this address:

Cantonments, Accra

I suppose this is all for now…? Contact us at: if you have any more questions or concerns.

See you shortly!!!

NYU-Accra Staff